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Kruger White Paper Abstract:


A circular economy should benefit the consumer without producing waste or pollutants. In the

wastewater industry, it is imperative we identify opportunities and develop solutions to harvest materials that appear to have little value and turn them into a valuable resource in order to realize the benefits of a circular economy. Thermal Hylearnedis is a proven cell lysing application for resource recovery in a sustainable and profitable manner from wastewater treatment plant.


Two distinct thermal hydrolysis solutions have evolved, one a batch process and the other a continuous process. The two solutions are applicable in various configurations and each with unique features that will readily improve the performance of existing anaerobic digesters or add considerable value to new digestion facilities. Often, the right solution for a wastewater treatment facility is not obvious. With energy cost on the rise and increase in population stressing the available natural resources, it is imperative that thermal hydrolysis efficiencies are improved to lower environmental impact. Numerous facilities across the globe have benefited from thermal hydrolysis, information from these facilities can be used to determine the ideal solution for most wastewater treatment plants. The design evolution, performance improvements, and lessons learned over the past decade can also be used to assist wastewater treatment plants to fully realize the benefits of the circular economy.


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