Processes: Instrumentation, Control & Analyzers (TSS, DO)

World leader in suspended solids technology for the past 40 years.

Cerlic Environmental Control Inc creates high quality self-cleaning optical sensors to Water Treatment Plants, Wastewater Treatment Plants, and Other Industries.These sensors monitor TSS, DO, pH and ORP along with many other parameters. From handheld field units to permanent installations the Cerlic sensor line is robust and built to outlast all other similar products in the market. There is not an environment that they don’t strive to analyze

Total suspended solid sensor to include:

Immersion ITX for MLSS 0-30,000 ppm range, Inline ITXIL for RAS0-50,000 ppm and CTX20/25LC low solids flow thru for reuse TSS monitoring from 0-5 ppm, Florida DEP approved.
Portable Multitracker unit with interchangeable sensors to monitor–Sludge blanket with level pressure sensor, Suspended Solids and Optical DO with data storag
Automatic Sludge Blanket Monitor to accurately monitor sluff & blanket depths. Not ultrasonic and actually sees the blanket.
DO sensor with can use either Optical or Clark Cell electrodes.
ORP & PH with flushing all with common BB2 control box.
CMC microwave TS meter for 0-30% sludges.