WE provide Engineers and Municipalities with the correct WATER AND WASTEWATER solutionS. we are your point-MAN for all of your water and wastewater treatment projects.

WE include engineering services to help YOU get more jobs, lessen your workload, and HELP YOU get the job done under budget.

Vand Solutions - Making waves in the water and wastewater treatment industry.Vand Solutions helps engineers and municipalities with the right solution for their water project.

We strive to provide an authentic service that is effortless and easy, and, of course, we want to provide innovative, straight-forward and outstanding solutions for your projects. We also help you with all of your engineering needs. We believe in providing the correct solution - even if that means sending you to our competitors. Seriously.

Founded in 2015, Vand Solutions is one of the Southeast's leading manufacturers' representative firms and distributors for specialized and innovative equipment for the wastewater and water treatment industry.
We represent over 30 amazing manufacturers in the Carolinas and Virginia.

Whatever project you have, we stand to be your partner and an extra set of hands when you need it. We strive to be the technical and innovative specialist you need to support and improve your project from day. Have a project? Let's discuss it.

Lucas Magrini - Head of Vand Solutions.

Vand Solutions Knows How To:

  • Give you a detailed solution that checks all of your boxes.
  • Save you time and headache searching for a solution that’s in budget and scope.
  • Provide a design solution, refine the details, and then provide detailed drawings free of charge.
  • Fix your water and wastewater problems.
  • Be a reliable mediator that you can turn to when things go wrong.



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With over 60 years of combined experience, we hope to be an extension of your team, providing you with specialized and innovative equipment for the water and wastewater treatment industry, as well as the technical and innovative specialist that backs you up, gives you support, and helps you improve your project.

Lucas Magrini is Vand Solutions head solutions provider and takes serious pride in providing the best solution for your water and wastewater project as possible, even if it doesn't bring him any benefit.


For over 15 years, Lucas has been a technical guru for the water and wastewater industry and now serves as CEO of Vand Solutions .

He takes serious pride in providing the best solution - even if it doesn't bring him any benefit.

Lucas aspires to grow his team and strives to be a leading manufacturer's rep. He is a North Carolina State University graduate in Civil Engineering and resides near Raleigh, North Carolina.  He started out as a pilot engineer for water and wastewater equipment and processes.

At one time Lucas was an applications engineer for Kruger's ACTIFLO and Discfilter Technologies and then a regional sales manager for the same processes in the Midwest. Lucas also knows the Aeration Industries solutions like the back of his hand as he served as the Regional Sales Manager covering all of the products and technologies on the east coast.

Finn Nielsen is the founding partner behind Vand Solutions.


The history and founding partner behind Vand Solutions, Finn has worked on every type of water or wastewater application that there is and can find a solution to any process treatment problem out there.

One part executive, one part entrepreneur, one part professional grandpa, Finn's goal was to build a company that will outlast him.

As Former CEO for Veolia Water Solution & Technology North America and a current advisor and Board Member of Kruger Denmark, he is still driven to succeed in every business venture he takes on. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, experienced General Manager and a serious visionary for companies entering the water and wastewater market. He is highly experienced in commercializing and implementing new technologies and bringing them to the market.

Chris Parisher is a solutions provider for the water and wastewater treatment industry.


He has seen it, done it and knows everybody. A really good golfer and the guy who can dream up a solution over a beer.

An NCSU graduate in Civil Engineering, Chris' career has spanned over thirty-years working in the wastewater/water profession. Chris served as plant manager in Sanford, NC and over 27 years as plant manager for The Town of Cary Water Reclamation Facilities. A longtime member of NCAWWA/WEA, Chris has participated in many committees and was elected to the wastewater schools committee as chair for two years. He was also elected to the NCAWWA/WEA as a board member for 2 years. Chris received the Wilbur Long and William Hatfield awards for service to the water profession, as well as attained Grade IV wastewater, class B water, land application, reuse, and maintenance tech certifications before retiring from municipal government to now represent various manufacturers in the wastewater/water industry.

Amy Magrini - Vand Solutions Assistant


Amy's background in event planning and organization, combined with her attention to detail and her type A personality, allow her to serve the team by helping to ensure that the small things never get overlooked.  

Amy manages the day-to-day operations of the Vand Solutions office, including accounting, travel, and other administrative tasks.
A Southern girl, born & bred and a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate, Amy believes in thank you notes, mimosas and monograms.


For over 25 years, Don has supported customers in various liquid processing industries for industrial processes and piped systems, representing manufacturers of sensors, controls, filtration, and auxiliary equipment.

He is dedicated to resolving issues and providing solutions, that will best benefit the customer’s application. Don is committed to identify all critical information relating to a project in order to solve problems.

He attended Central Piedmont Community College, and is based outside of Charlotte, NC. Don has focused his career in industrial process, polymer, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, wastewater, and drinking water facilities. He has been certified on a long list of instrumentation and equipment for control and measurement. He was Regional Sales Manager for Puroflux Water Filtration and Firetrol Pump Controllers.

Don is known for efforts to exceed customer expectations, over the years developing strong relationships with major facilities across the Southeast. Don loves a good golf game, fishing, skeet shooting, exploring nature with his dog, and spending time with family.