wastewater treatment services:

Unlocking Efficiency and Sustainability in Wastewater Management.

Welcome to Vand Solutions, where wastewater treatment expertise meets unparalleled service. As your premier partner, we specialize in engineering services tailored to your project needs, alongside top-tier parts and service for Kaeser Machines. From comprehensive specs and drawings to expert guidance in design and bio-win, we're here to save you time and money while ensuring your project runs efficiently from start to finish. Trust Vand Solutions to get your project started right and keep it running smoothly.


Specifications & Drawings

We can provide you with all the plans and specs, whatever you need, we can get it done for you.


Once the job is bid we help facilitate delivery and review. We can be the team that helps you get the submittal phase done faster and under budget.

Design & bio-win

We take the design criteria and we build the proof you need, saving you time.


When it's all said and done we can help facilitate and push to get your water or wastewater treatment system started. We can ensure your project is installed correctly, up to par, and we can trouble-shoot any possible issues on the day the system is started.  

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kaeser replacement parts and services

If you need oil, filters, repair services, or replacement parts, let us help you maintain your system and keep it up and running.

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CHemscan reagents & parts

Anything you need for a ChemScan Unit we can provide. Contact us to determine what exactly you need.

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