Kaeser Parts and Services:
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Welcome to Vand Solutions, your insider look into hassle-free wastewater treatment, WITH top-notch Kaeser parts and maintenance services.

We are excited to show you how our full-suite services can make your plant more efficient and dependable. We can make your life easier and keep your machines running efficiently.

We provide everything that your Kaeser Blower needs including V-belts, Synthetic Oil, Filters, shaft seals and even blower block replacement. Vand Solutions can also provide annual maintenance from a trained technician for all your machines.
Kaeser Blower needs including V-belts, Synthetic Oil, Filters, shaft seals and even blower block replacement and maintenance.
Take the stress and hassle of routine maintenance off your busy staff.

FIRST We need to get to know your
Kaeser installation.

Please fill out the form below with as much information as you can, including your Kaeser machines’ EMR numbers (how to find your EMR). This allows us to get back to you quickly with a custom replacement quote so you can alleviate any downtime.


With insights in hand, we create a plan
that's all about your application.

Think of it as a custom-made solution to streamline your system and
keep it working smoothly.

Once we receive your Kaeser information, including EMR numbers, we will send you a list which outlines your cost. Whether it's new equipment or just replacing filters and changing the oil, with a streamlined processes and maintenance schedule, we're all about boosting your plant's efficiency.


We're on Speed-Dial for all your kaeser Maintenance

Maintenance isn't just a one-time thing – it's a long-term commitment.

Preventive maintenance will prolong the life of your machines. Our strategy includes regular check-ins, parts, and service on a schedule that suits your plant's rhythm. Say goodbye to unexpected downtime.

“Vand Solutions turned our headache of a wastewater treatment setup into a breeze.
Now it's smooth sailing, and we owe it all to their top-notch service!”

Jane D.
Plant Manager