We help engineers and municipalities in the Carolinas and Virginia

find the right solution for their clients, offer free engineering services, and we help them get it all done with less work and under budget.
Lucas Magrini - Head of Vand Solutions.

Vand Solutions Knows How To:

  • Give you a detailed solution that checks all of your boxes.
  • Save you time and headache searching for a solution that’s in budget and scope.
  • Provide a design solution, refine the details, and then provide detailed drawings free of charge.
  • Fix your water and wastewater problems.
  • Be a reliable mediator that you can turn to when things go wrong.

"We Believe in Providing The Correct Solution For Your Water And Wastewater Treatment Problem Even If That Means Sending You To Our Competitors."

That is our promise.

Lucas Magrini - CEOVand Solutions - Making waves in the water and wastewater treatment industry.
Lucas Magrini

We don’t just sell grand solutions or the latest and greatest million dollar schemes, but instead, simple things that work.


with safe drinking water no longer a guarantee, we need more “simple things” that just work.

Aging water and wastewater infrastructure in the United States is by far one of the most important challenges we face. With everything going on in the world, having a trusted source of water is becoming even more paramount. We know that providing the right solution for your clients, is even more pressing and important than ever.

Vand Solutions provides the right solution for your water and wastewater treatment project.

Together we will create a plan that truly works for you and your client, but most importantly for the families that bathe, play, and drink the water you provide.

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Call us for a detailed evaluation so we can understand your project, goals, and develop a plan. We always start here.


We build a custom plan

We develop and design a solution, provide detailed drawings, and collaborate to provide the perfect solution that fits your budget and your clients goals.


We go with you

We help you execute the plan through design, construction, and work with you if anything ever goes wrong.

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You Can’t Keep Thinking The Same Old Way Or Doing The Same Old Thing.

Not every problem has the same solution, therefore an innovative approach can be both economically and environmentally friendly. It might be time to change the solution, take another step into new technology. Small footprint, high rate, and more energy-efficient technologies are available, but need you to give them a chance.

Change the solution