Aeration Industries

Processess: Aeration (Floating Aerators), Biologial Treatment (SBR, Tri-Oval), Sedimentation/Clarification (SBR), Digestion/Sludge Stabilization (Floating Aerators), Mixing (Floating Mixer),

Aeration Industries International has the expertise and aeration equipment to provide a full range of wastewater treatment solutions.

We optimize municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications; from process water supply to wastewater treatment,sludge management to produced water return. We also offer customized pond designs to support oxygen dispersion for aquaculture farms. Aeration Industries International combines patented technologies with engineering expertise to develop complete and customized water treatment solutions.


Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment solutions
Aquaculture treatment system design
Process modeling and evaluation
Aeration and mixing technologies
Retrofits for wastewater treatment plants
Rental equipment for supplemental/emergency aeration
Regulatory requirements/compliance planning

Our customers choose Aeration Industries International because we know water.

We have partnered with our customers and offered engineering expertise and product innovation for more than 40 years.