Processes: Instrumentation, Control & Analyzers (Analyzers nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, ortho phosphate; chloramination, iron, manganese, nitrate, hardness, color, and organics)

ChemScan, a leader and has specialized in the manufacture of automatic chemical analysis systems for both water and wastewater monitoring and control.

ChemScan analyzers are used in many different parts of a system to detect nutrients, halogens,dissolved metals and optical parameters in water and wastewater. This highly reliable, easy to use online analyzer family provides accurate analysis, real-time data and continuous monitoring for municipal drinking water and wastewater applications. The ChemScan analyzes a single or multiple samples and is available in a wide array of parameters and measurement ranges.Its industrial design, with sample tubing (ID) that is approximately 2X larger than competitive systems, minimizes the chance of plugging for exceptional reliability and lower maintenance. Its reliability combined with affordable reagents and spareparts results in a very low cost of ownership. In addition, ChemScan analyzers are so easy to start-up and maintain