Clear Stream

Processes: Aeration (Jet Aeration), Biological Treatment (SBR), Sedimentation/Clarification (Suction, Solids Contact, Suction Pipe, Spiral Blade, Segmented Blade Clarifiers) Thickening/Dewatering (Circular Thickeners), Digestion/Sludge Stabilization (Digester Covers)

ClearStream can provide a wide range of clarifier designs including segmentate rake(plow) style, spiral blade, suction header and suction pipe header.

Clarification is not the only thing that Clear Stream provides. They can offer a range of biological process treatment equipment from sequencing back reactors to continuous loop reactor system by using jet aeration and mixing. ClearStream strives to meet any and all needs of the clients application requirements. Utilizing cutting edge analysis and design technologies to custom design each piece of process equipment to meet each individual customer's needs by providing engineering design and complete process design services.All equipment is analyzed using advanced computational fluid dynamic (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA) and civil / structural software codes. All mechanisms are fully designed in a 3-D CAD environment to produce the highest quality, and customer friendly designs possible.