Processes: Biological Treatment (Package MBR, Package WW System), Thickening/Dewatering (Package Sludge Handling),

Cloacina manufacturers the marke- leading packaged wastewater treatment systems and industry equipment.

Owned and managed by a family of licensed operators and maintenance mechanics,that design these systems with an operator’s focus. Package wastewater treatment plants have a bad reputation in the industry until the introduction of Cloacina's product line. Typical package wastewater treatment plants were cookie-cutter, noisy, difficult to install and operate, one-size-fits-all designs with low-end components and equipment with short lives. Cloacina has and continues to break the cycle of poor package treatment plants and strive to be better with every new system they design and build. Cloacina’s revolutionary package systems and equipment skids are fabricated from stainless steel only. They ship as factory-assembled, complete wastewater treatment plants that are wet tested for a minimum of 24hrs prior to shipping. They are equipped with the most advanced controls system available. All ancillary equipment must have a proven track record in the wastewater industry to be included in the Cloacina’s treatment system. These systems are not cookie cutter designs, every package plant is custom designed to meet the client’s project needs. Designed by operators for operators, all are easy to install, operate and maintain. All equipment is either semi-sound attenuated or sound-attenuated to address noise concerns. Each piece of major equipment is tagged and assigned a QR code and can be accessed via Cloacina’s digital O&M manual. Cloacina provides the greatest value of any package wastewater treatment plant currently on the market