GH Systems

Processes: Aeration (Medium Bubble, Valves & Piping), Screening/Headworks (Aerated Grit), Sedimentation/Clarification (Clarifiers - Bridge & Pier Supported Hydraulic Differential & Plow, Reactor Clarifier), Thickening/Dewatering (Circular Gravity Thickener), Digestion/Sludge Stabilization (Aerobic Digester System), Pumps (Airlift Pumps),

Texas based GH Systems is manufacturer of equipment components and package systems for water and wastewater treatment plants nationwide.

They specialize in engineering, installation, and project management to ensure the quality of any project from start to finish. Primarily focusing on aerated grit basin with classifier, rabid mix basins with RAS airlift pumps, anoxic basins with draft tube mixers, aeration basins with G-O Diffusers, HD clarifier with separate scum removal, gravity thickener with airlift pumps, aerobic digester/sludge holding with G-O diffusers and solid contact clarifiers to name a few. They have been manufacturing and providing services in the water and wastewater industry for more than 30 years.

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