Processes: Aeration, Biological Treatment - Strip, Tube, & Disc Diffusers

A third-generation business originating in Germany, Gummi-Jaeger Aeration LLC is the wastewater treatment industry pioneer of EPDM fine-bubble membrane diffusers.

Arnold Jägercreated the world’s first fine-bubble rubber membrane diffuser in 1973 as a replacement for ceramic diffusers. The business has grown to international size and and supply.

Customers have benefited from the Jaeger waste water diffuser option innovations, SOTE % performance improvements, lower operations O & M, diffuser life expectancy increases since the original disc diffusers.

As the leader in diffuser technology, we continue to innovate our diffuser lines and WWT processes for our clients’ products, providing improved efficiency and reduced costs to our end users and our OEM manufacturers for their clients. Our JAEGER-Oxy...™ diffuser lines, integrated into our OxyMix™, BioCube™, and OxyLift™ technologies, offer unique municipal & industrial WWT solutions.The streamlined system design offers low-cost, creative options for new & retrofit facilities, with the benefit of decreased power consumption and low O & M.OxyProcess aeration consulting and drawing are provided for facility designs for TN and TP using our decades of experience and diffuser design.

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