John Meunier - Veolia

Processes: Screening/Headworks (Screens, Compactors, Multi-Rake Bar Screens, & Grit Collectors), Chemical Feed (HydroPol Polymer Prep), Instrumentation Control & Analyzers (HydroPol),

Veolia Group, John Meunier Inc. can provide a wide range of products and services for efficient capture of algae, leaves, sand, rocks and any other debris that can flow into a wastewater treatment plant. 

JMI produces high quality headwork, screening and grit removal technologies. They have been designing and supplying equipment since 1948, offering the complete solution to satisfy each clients needs.  With the backing of the worlds largest water treatment company, Veolia, they have the experience, knowledge and ability to do what no other can do.  

There are more than fifteen hundred units installed across North America. 

John Meunier products have been serving North American municipalities and industries since 1948. With a wide range of technologies, we design, manufacture and service wastewater treatment plants, offering complete solutions with a wide range of highly efficient screening and grit removal equipment.

Veolia Water Technologies Canada is the final choice for the design, manufacture and servicing of wastewater pretreatment works. We target excellence and innovation. We also invest in R&D to meet growing environmental regulations and market needs.

  • Coarse & Fine Screening
  • Fine Screening
  • Grit Removal
  • Solids Handling
  • Packaged Solutions

Case Studies:

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