Veolia Water Technologies (dba Kruger)

Processes: Aeration (Course/Fine Bubble, Surface), Biological Treatment (AnoxKaldnes ™ IFAS/MBBR, BioDentrio™ Activated Sludge, BIOSTYR® BAF, Anita™ Mox Deammonification), Filtration (Hydrotech Discfilter), Sedimentation/Clarification (Actiflo®), Digestion/Sludge Stabilization (BioThelys™ Thermal Hydrolysis, BioCon™ Dryer), Instrumentation, Control & Analyzers (STAC, SCADA, Hubgrade™) Mixing (Stamo Agitator), PFAS Removal (Hydrex™, Ion Exchange)®

Veolia Water Technologies (dba Kruger) addresses the diverse water, wastewater and biosolids treatment needs of municipalities around the world with market-leading, most proficient technologies and processes.

Kruger provides premium quality services and solutions to municipal water, wastewater and biosolids customers, in both urban and rural settings. Whether the challenge relates to scarce water resources, health concerns, or meeting stringent environmental regulations, municipal authorities throughout the world rely on our water treatment expertise.  Kruger brings new innovative technologies to the municipal market. They believe that if a system can work more efficiently and be easier to operate and maintain, then it should. There is nothing in the municipal water and wastewater market that Kruger can’t do.