Processes: Aeration (Venturi Air Jet), Collection System (Chopper Pumps), Digestion/Sludge Stabilization (BioGas anaerobic digestion process), Pumps (Chopper Pump)

Landia supplies pumping and mixing solutions to many different industries, with the most important ones being agriculture, wastewater, biogas plants and the fish industry.

Landia's products are found wherever there is a difficult medium to be pumped or mixed.  With nearly 90 years of experience and their continued dedication to develop new and efficient products and solutions Landia is a world leader in pumping and mixing applications. The strong team of happy employees who focus on what matters most to its customers by providing great solutions at the lowest possible cost. The durability of Landia is almost legendary. Landia supplied its first mixers for sewage treatment at treatment plants in the late 1980s and a majority are still in operation to this day. 

Case Study:

Greaseballs gone as new pumps get to work