Processes: Aeration (Jet Aeration), Biological Treatment (SBR),

Parkson offers several types of aerators, each with specific advantages.

The VariOx jet aeration system offers independent control of aeration and mixing. This is ideal for biological nutrient removal applications where tank zones need to operate continuously in complete mix mode with aeration varied or turned off completely. If reduced maintenance is a priority, the FRP construction of the jet aerators offers years of operation with no scheduled maintenance or replacement of the FRP component..The use of jet mixing and aeration can be used in the EcoCycle SBR™ combines industry-leading DynaPhase Control™ technology with high-efficiency treatment schemes designed to provide reliable and flexible performance. The EcoCycle SBR is a true sequencing batch reactor, which allows for an ideal anaerobic/anoxic fill period, perfect for biological phosphorus removal and nitrogen removal. This design will allow for a perfect quiescent settling step, promoting ideal sludge settling and compaction before the decant of the treated effluent. The Parkson EcoCycle SBR™ is built to keep all mechanical components out of the wastewater is a desire of operation staffs, and allows for reduced maintenance. 

Case Studies:

Parkson EcoCycle SBR™ - Sequencing Batch Reactor

Parkson EquaJet® System Treats Poultry Processing Waste at Alabama Facility