PB Equipment Inc.

Processes: Aeration (Plate Aerator), Screening/Headworks (Grit Cyclone & Classifier, Manual Screen & Screen Boxes), Chemical Feed (Chem/Poly Feed), Mixing (Draft Tube Mixers), Structural (Walkways, platforms, stairs, etc.),

PB Equipment Inc. is a privately held manufacturing company founded in 2012 located in the Austin, TX. 

PBE was founded by five veterans of our industry who saw the need to supply high quality, innovative engineered equipment. They were determined to form a company able to provide equipment in a timely, efficient, and economical manner.  Either by retrofit, upgrade, replacement or greenfield plant PBE can be a useful tool when looking for low maintenance, customized systems with durable equipment that will last a life time.  The drop in low profile plate aerator can be implemented in all most every application where there is a need for more air or treatment capacity. Let the experts at PB Equipment show you how they can help.

Case Studies:

Project Focus Brownwood

Bosman plate Aerator Brochure

PB Equipment - Plate Aeration Drawings

Brownwood O&M Drawings