St Jernholm

Processes: Screening/Headworks (Grit/Sand Washer),

ST JERNHOLM sand and grit washing system is designed to Reduce hauling and landfill costs by separating grit and organic material and dewatering of the grit can significantly reduce the disposal volume (up to 90 %). 

It ability to harvest carbon as a resource by separation of grit and organic material.  Organics are sent to the treatment process downstream (1lb organics produces 16ft3 biogas).  Collecting and washing the sand/grit will reduce the wear and tear of downstream equipment by reducing grit build-up in tanks and digesters.  Optimal operation of an aerated grit chamber can reduce the energy up to 75% energy in order to retain as much grit as possible.  The last added benefit to the ST JERNHOLM system is that it is a closed system and minimal organics in output reducing the odor produced equalling in happier neighbors and a better working environment and reduced risks for the operators.