Processes: Reverse Osmosis (RO), Biological Treatment (MBR, Ion Exchange), Filtration (NF, UF, MF, Gravity, Pressure (horiz. & vert)),

Wigen Water Technologies® has grown to become a leading OEM of custom water treatment systems, specializing in application-specific, cost-effective and reliable solutions for industrial, municipal and ultrapure clients.

With 4,000 plus installations worldwide has proven that Wigen is the most trusted name in water treatment.  Our products include a variety of state-of-the-art technologies, expertly designed to meet each client’s specific needs. From primary filtration to distribution and recycling.  Wigen can tackle the most complex water treatment challenges that one can face.  Wigen is a leading provider of industrial and municipal RO and NF systems with capabilities that include: engineering, manufacturing, site supervision, commissioning and operator training. Since the early 90’s Wigen has been designing and building RO and NF systems and have hundreds of successful installations throughout the world. All of Wigen’s RO and NF systems are designed and built for the client's specification application. Taking into account the influent water quality, permeate and concentrate requirements.   They create custom solutions that are more cost effective than other's catalog offerings. Systems rangeing in size from a few gallons per minute to millions of gallons per day.