join us- Vand solutions and octaform on thursday, ----- and get a 1-hour cpd/pdh certificate and gain some new friends in the water and wastewater industry too!

Get an introduction to Octaform's PVC stay-on-place formwork for concrete tanks and an overview of Octaform's WallArmor! Their trademarked formwork system for rehabilitation and extending the life of structural walls and concrete tanks...Learn more about Octaform's proven capabilities in improving performance and design life in water, wastewater, aquaculture and anaerobic digestion applications while at the same time hanging out with fellow peers, all from your desk! Pretty cool huh?!
1-hr technical informal certificate issued
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Water wastewater and tank applications with stay-in-place PVC formwork

  • How PVC stay-in-place formwork can improve tank performance, reduce project risk, cost, and complexity.
  • Total lifecycle cost of PVC stay-in-place formwork for tank applications - reduced operation and maintenance costs, reduced environmental impact, and improved service life.
  • An overview of the Octaform installation process, basic design considerations, and on-site support.

CONcrete tank restoration and protection

  • A brief introduction to WallArmor components for reinforcement and restoration of tanks, and walls including a variety of seismic applications
  • Using PVC formwork and liner to extend service life, decrease maintenance and protect from sulfide contamination, corrosion, and spalling
  • Together we will look at a case study covering corrosion abatement and re-line for an anaerobic digester prematurely nearing end of service life.
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Lucas Magrini is Vand Solutions head solutions provider and takes serious pride in providing the best solution for your water and wastewater project as possible, even if it doesn't bring him any benefit.



For over 15 years, Lucas has been a technical guru for the water and wastewater industry and now serves as CEO of Vand Solutions . He takes serious pride in providing the best solution - even if it doesn't bring him any benefit.

Lucas aspires to grow his team and strives to be a leading manufacturer's rep. He is a North Carolina State University graduate in Civil Engineering and resides near Raleigh, North Carolina.  He started out as a pilot engineer for water and wastewater equipment and processes.

‍At one time L was an application gier for Kruger's ACTIFLO and Discfilter Technologies and then a Regional Sales Manager for the same processes in the Midwest. Lucas also knows the Aeration Industries solutions like the back of his hand as he served as the Regional Sales Manager covering all of the products and technologies on the oast.



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