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Envea - Can You Smell That?

June 7, 2021

Ever wonder where that smell is coming from and what it is made up of?  Have a complaining neighbor blaming the WWTP for all the odors?  

There are now ways to measure and determine what the odor is and where it is coming from. 

Envea has monitors and Cairsens micro-sensors that are able to measure 24h/day and accurately identify odors in all types of applications.  Small, easy to maintain and to operate they monitor the air.  

Knowing that there are odors can help with operations. 

Odors can immediately be linked to your operations by identify system leaks.  You can act quickly to reduce them so that you don’t upset that neighbor that moved in next door expecting a WWTP not to have any odors. This proactive approach to monitoring odors provides tangible elements in reducing complaints and can bringing significant savings in operating costs if used correctly.  

Want to keep your complaining neighbor’s quiet and happy? 

These systems are simple and easy to implement pretty much anywhere on the property to determine what is that smell and where is it coming from.  

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