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Envea - Can You Smell That?

Ever wonder where that smell is coming from and what it is made up of? Have a complaining neighbor blaming the WWTP for all the odors?

There are now ways to measure and determine what the odor is and where it is coming from. Envea has monitors and Cairsens micro-sensors that are able to measure 24h/day and accurately identify odors in all types of applications. Small, easy to maintain and to operate they monitor the air.
Water and wastewater - industry-leading technology

XiO - SCADA In The Cloud - SECURED

Everyone has heard of the breach in FL when a hacker decided to remote access the levels of sodium hydroxide from 100mg/L to 11,100mg/L.

Luckily this was caught by a quick acting operator within a few minutes but what if they weren’t as lucky in the future or in locations with even less cybersecurity. I can’t talk about cybersecurity without talking about ransomware. This is where they hold you hostage until you pay and then you
Water and wastewater - industry-leading technology

Kaeser - Pay off new blowers within 5 years with power savings alone? Interested?

Have you ever been on a plant and hear that high pitched whining coming from the blowers or blower building?

That sound is old inefficient aeration blowers with little to no control. These blowers are one of if not the one technology on the wastewater site that eats the most power and they usually
Water and wastewater - industry-leading technology

ACTIFLO - Beginners Guide: ACTIFLO

I thought that ACTIFLO was more common in the marketplace but realized that not everyone has had the same history as I have with it.

I have known about ACTIFLO since I was a teenager and even did a science report on the system and how it worked for my chemistry class in high school. I got an A on the report by the way. I now know that not everyone is aware of ACTIFLO and what it can do. That is why I wanted to give another rep
Vand Solutions - Making waves in the water and wastewater treatment industry.

For over 15 years, I have been a technical guru for the water and wastewater industry.  I would love to share with you a bit of Industry knowledge. Here, I’ll share with you new tech, water treatment info, webinars and upcoming industry events.

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